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How would you like to get a year's worth of discounted goods and services in the Basingstoke area for just £20?

Perk Card Membership For Families & Individuals

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The personal Perk Card... because everyone loves a perk!

Right now, most of us are looking at ways we can save a bit of money but still buy and do the things we like.... and a Perk Card can definitely help there!

Now ANYONE can buy a Perk Card - either for themselves or as a treat for their family and friends.

For just a single payment of just £20 - you get your own, personal Perk Card that's valid for 12 months and can be used in more than 60 shops and outlets in the Basingstoke area.

Where can I save money?

You can make savings can be made at all sorts of places including: Cinemas, Restaurants, Health & Beauty Salons, Hairdressers and Jewellery Stores as well as businesses offering Childcare, Legal Services, Financial Services... and much, much more!

See the full directory of participating shops and businesses here.

Perk Card Basingstoke - Customer Testimonial

Here's a great example of how you can save money...

If, for example, you go to the  Odeon Cinema in Basingstoke once a month and you also visit a hair stylist three times a year... you'll have got your money back!

And that's if you use just TWO of the 60+ great offers available!

In fact, some of the larger, 'big ticket' deals available will actually pay for your Perk Card many times over.

Supporting local businesses

Buy Your Perk Card Now

The sooner you get your Perk Card, the sooner you can begin to save money.

You'll also be helping to support local businesses and since Destination Basingstoke is a not-for-profit organisation, your money goes straight back into promoting Basingstoke as a great place to live, work and visit. So everyone benefits.

And there's more...

You'll also get a FREE monthly e-newsletter telling you about ALL the latest offers available - and we're adding them all the time.

You'll get regular reminders too on where you can use your Perk Card to make great savings. And remember, you can always refer to the full, on-line Perk Card directory at any time.

I'm interested. How do I buy my Perk Card?

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1. The quickest and easiest way to get your Perk Card is by using PayPal.

Yes please. Take me to the sign-up page now.

2. Want to buy your Perk Card, without using PayPal?

Please contact us for more information.

Everyone loves a perk - so sign up now and start saving!

IMPORTANT. Please read our Terms & Conditions before joining.